Try Before You Buy!

How It Works

Please read the terms and conditions carefully

First you want to create an account and include both your full mailing address and phone number.

Next, scroll through and choose up to SIX items (maximum) that you would like to try before you buy.  For example, you can choose 2, 4, or 6 items or anything in between but maximum is SIX items, per request.

You will not add these items to cart but will make a list of the items including the item name, color, size and price of each item that you want to try before you buy.  Once you have the items you want to try, please send us an email at  with your list.  And, in the subject line please put Try Before You Buy Items or Try Before You Buy Questions so we can prioritize those emails first.

Once you receive the items you have requested to try before you buy, you will have SEVEN DAYS to try out those items and decide what you want to keep verses what you want to send back. 

You must let us know, no later than the 7th day, if you are sending anything back, otherwise, if we do not hear from you, we will assume you are keeping all items and your card will be charged for the remaining balance.

However, we will send you either an email or text notification (on the 6th day), letting you know that your card will be charged within 24 hours for the remaining items that were not returned.


What We Require In Return

Pay an initial deposit based on the number of items you want us to order for you to try before you buy.  The deposit will go towards the items you keep.  The deposit required is below:

2 Items - Deposit required - $20.00 USD

3 Items - Deposit required - $30.00 USD

4 Items - Deposit required - $40.00 USD

5 Items - Deposit required - $50.00 USD

6 Items - Deposit required - $60.00 USD

Once you email us the items you want to try before you buy, we will email you a credit card form to fill out for us to process the initial deposit.  If you are not comfortable filling out the form we can give you a call and you can give it to us verbally over the phone.

However, we will need you to email us stating that you are giving us a verbal over the phone and that you agree to pay for the items you keep.

Once you fill out the credit card form and send it back, and the initial deposit has processed, we will process your order and let you know your remaining balance.

Once you receive your items and have tried them on, simply decide what you want to keep and send back what you want to return.  PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ANY TAGS unless you plan on keeping that item, otherwise, we will not be able to take them back and you will be charged for those items that have been returned with missing tags.

Items that smell of perfume, have stains or show signs of being worn, will be charged to the card on file, even if you return those items, as we will not be able to resell them.

Should you decide not to keep any of the items, the deposit paid will be turned into a store credit that can be used toward anything in our online store.



Lookbook Collection items (unless they are listed elsewhere in the store), lingerie, swimsuits and jewelry are excluded from the try before you buy program.  If those items have been added to your list, we will notify you by email that we cannot include those in the try before you buy program and give you the option to choose something else before we charge your card for the deposit.



Returns are always free!  Once you decide what items you are keeping and which you want to return, simply shoot us an email and let us know what items you want to send back.

We will email you over a PRE-PAID shipping label for USPS to send those items back to us in the return envelope that ships with your initial order.  If your return envelope is missing from the initial order, please send us an email at and let us know so we can get one sent out to you.

Your card will not be charged for items you want to return if you're past the 7 day mark while waiting for a mailer to be sent to you.

If for some reason you were not able to get your return shipped out by the 7th day, please try and give us some advance notice so we do not charge your card.  We understand that life happens and you can't always get to the post office on a particular day if you're busy with something more important.

Just send us an email letting us know when you plan on shipping those items back that you've decided not to keep so we can make a note of it and not charge your card.

If the items are still not back within an additional 5 days and we have not had any communication, we will assume that you love everything you've received and will charge the card on file.

Again, we will either email or text you in advance as a reminder.

Happy Shopping!