The concept for Revenge Fashion Boutique has been a bittersweet labor of love for creator, Michelle Canbuldu. A former Sales & Branding Manager for high end fashion collections such as Versace, Tory Burch, Burberry, Swarovski, Roberto Cavalli and many others, she amassed a collection of enviable designer clothing, accessories and shoes, over the years.

An avid traveler, she moved from South Florida to Atlanta for a year and then decided to move back to Florida as she felt more inspired living near the water. While in Atlanta, she had all of her possessions tucked away in a local storage facility while she headed back to Florida to look for a new place to call home.

Four months later, when she returned with her moving company to load up her possessions and take them back to Florida, they had all been stolen from her unit. Everything she owned, furniture, designer clothing, shoes, accessories and expensive designer handbags were all gone.

She was devastated as everything she had worked so hard for over the years, had just vanished. She later learned, by a private investigator her parents had hired, that the theft had possibly been orchestrated by an angry admirer who lived in the same community in Atlanta who was upset that she was moving away. And, had everything stolen to give to a jealous adversary who lived across the street according to some of her former neighbors.

The storage facility refused to take responsibility and had fired the two girls, months before, who had worked there, when she had moved her stuff in and were possible accomplices. The insurance company refused to pay because they needed to prove there was forced entry. And, the investigator put on the case, never even bothered to follow up or initiate a thorough investigation.

Instead of exacting revenge and getting back at the people who had wronged her, she decided to create Revenge Fashion as a way of making a statement. One that any woman who had been stripped of everything she owned, scorned and cheated on by an ex-spouse or boyfriend, or bullied by other women, could make their own statement by wearing her limited-edition pieces.

The right clothing can make a woman of any size and shape feel confident and powerful without having to dress in a trashy or overly sexual way to get attention. The way we style ourselves and our manner of dress, shoes, handbags and lingerie can make us feel sexy and desirable.

And, there’s no better feeling in the world than stepping out in a jaw dropping outfit, that accentuates one’s curves, and running into the very people who made you feel small and insignificant. Or, running into that EX who cheated on you because he thought he had found better, while he shamelessly undresses you with his eyes, as you walk past with your head held high and a triumphant look on your face.

Now that’s the best revenge!